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After a few very discouraging classes at expensive downtown (Seattle) schools, where they almost killed my teen aged son’s dance passion, and many just blah classes throughout King County, we found Alashia at Prestige! She is an astounding teacher, who brings out the very best in her students, especially their passions, magnificently teaches incredible new skills, makes her classes fun and quite engaging, is very accessible for questions and mentoring, and she is so good at teaching the importance of discipline in dance. Alashia is truly a valuable asset to Prestige Dance studio as well as to the community and I feel incredibly blessed to have her as my son’s teacher.  Added thanks that this school is so close to home, but I would drive long distances for such an incredible teacher! The school itself is great, seems mostly geared for younger students, but does seem to promote dance discipline and dedication. Sign up process is simple, with great payments options and a great schedule filled with many class choices.

Mary D 11/23/15 (on yelp)

I had my three girls try out the summer camps in 2014. The next thing we know we it is now 2016 and my girls are very happy to be here! My middle daughter who is now 8 will be joining the team dance for the 2nd time! It has helped her out soooo much! Her behavior and grades has made leaps & bounds! Thank you to all the staff at the dance studio

Carrine R 6/08/16 (on yelp)