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Please join us at our open house
We are excited about the upcoming season, and what better way to kick off things the attending our open house. New and returning students are invited to attend. Take advantage of special discounts on dance attire, see the improvements we’ve made to our facilities and learn more about what we have in store for the year!

Classes begin September 10th at both locations!

Tips for the first few classes

Help your dancer have the best first class possible

  • Make sure your dancer gets a good night rest and has a satisfied tummy before coming to class
  • Arrive a few minutes early to prepare and get settled
  • Make sure you have the appropriate dress code items (arrive early if you need to purchase/order yours)
  • Use the potty before entering the dance studio
  • If separation anxiety is going to be an issue, read our tips below
  • Be proud and excited for your dancer before and after class
  • Please watch discretely through the viewing window, don’t distract your child
  • Give the teacher a chance to handle any class management, behavior or separation issues. If they need reinforcement, they’ll come out and ask for help
  • As the year progresses, please only bring healthy children to classes. Call to be excused and arrange for a make-up class when kids are sick

Separation Anxiety is very common in the 3-4 year old classes. However our capable staff and instructors are experts at helping children work through it and here is how you can help!

  • Talk to your child before coming to the studio how the dance studio is a fun place and that only dancers can go into the studio. Mommies and Daddies can watch through our window.
  • Play dance class at home! Turn on some music and dance in your living room, show them how fun it is! After a few classes they can play the teacher and you are the student.
  • Arrive to the studio early so that they can meet the teacher and get used to the space
  • When it comes time for class to start you can walk them to the dance studio door, however be firm about giving a hug and kiss and send them to class.
  • If your child becomes upset allow the teacher to handle it with what we call “the scoop and grab” (the teacher scoops up the kid and takes them into class). Experience has taught us that this is the fastest way to overcoming this challenge. Please let us know if you are not comfortable with this.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. During class, some kids will not want the teacher to touch them; some will allow the teacher to comfort them. Give the teacher a chance to figure out what will work for your dancer.
  2. Our rule of thumb is that we give the child 15 minutes to show signs of calming down. If they are severely upset, we will send them out to you to be comforted. Please don’t worry about the child disrupting class or upsetting other kids, that is the teacher’s judgment call.
  3. Some children will sit and watch quietly the first few classes. That is OKAY. We have even heard of children throwing a huge fit at the beginning of class, calm down enough to sit and watch, then go home and play dance class. That is a great sign, and in most cases this only lasts 2-3 classes.
  4. Be excited and happy when they are finished with their class, tell them how wonderful they were (even if they just stood there), ask to see their stamps and etc.
  5. The most important thing is consistency; remember this is an entirely new experience for your child. It is natural for them to be nervous. Again, it usually last about 3 classes (give or take).

Children’s Dance Theater is located just above Odd Fella’s Restaurant near the transit center in Auburn. As such there is many street parking opportunities for families. During busy commuter hours there are very specific time limits to parking so please be sure to read the posted City enforced signs. The parking lot directly in front of CDT is a public parking lot with the following time limits:
5am-9am, 15 minute limits
9am-5pm, three hour free parking
5pm-6:30pm, 15 minute limits
Free parking after 6:30pm.
There is ample parking on the street as well as on the East side of A St for our clients to use. Our neighbors at Sun Break Café will allow us to use their parking lot when they are CLOSED.

Our Federal Way location, Prestige Dance Studio, has ample parking directly in front of our building. Please make sure to walk in younger dancers as our parking lot gets quite dark in the winter months.

We are confident that you are going to love your classes. Please be sure to give the teacher a few weeks to make sure your child is placed properly and let everyone get settled into their routine. Should your class not work out for you please talk with our receptionist, we may have a different class day or time that works better for your family. If things are still not working out you may withdraw from dance at any time for any reason, we only require written 30-days notice to discontinue any classes. Withdrawals must be done in person and will not be accepted over the phone or email. Withdrawals must be done at the reception desk not with a teacher. This is to help us better understand why you are withdrawing and how we can improve our studio. We typically have waiting lists for our classes so we may be able to fill your spot. Absences or “no shows” do not constitute a withdrawal. To withdraw from a class you must:
1. Inform the school in person
2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the school office
All automatic payments will stop after the one-month notice period. Non-Attendance does NOT constitute withdraw notice or adequate reason for not paying tuition. Once classes begin, tuition is non-refundable or transferable and credits are not issued.
We have many classes with waiting lists, so please inform us if you need to stop dance lessons!

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