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Hip hop


Hip Hop: If you are hip, cool and have swag for days, then Hip hop is for you.  Less rule-bound than many more classical dances, Hip hop is creative and gives you plenty of space for improvisation through freestyle dance and even freestyle ‘dance! Don’t worry, parents- we know that mainstream Hip hop is often suggestive, but our instructors only use age appropriate choreography, costumes and music.



Enrollment Ends February 28th, 2018

Hip hop 1: Tuesday 5:15-6:15pm-AJ
Hip hop 2/3: Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm-AJ

Instructor Code:
KtB-Kirsten Busby
KB- Krystal Behunin
DC- Debbie Collins
SC- Stephanie Cox
AJ-Alashia Jefferson
SO-Sydney Oothoudt
TBD-To Be Determined