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Kids Hip hop ages 5-7


Kids Hip Hop  final files


Hip Hop: The street-smart grooving of Hip Hop looks fun to your kid? Any child who digs the beat and amazing dance steps will have fun in this 45 minute Kid’s Hip Hop class. They’ll sweat, and groove to the music, learning all the best moves to the coolest songs. This dance style is inventive and full of freedom, perfect for creative young dancers.

And don’t worry: we know how suggestive some mainstream Hip Hop can be. Our instructors teach only age-appropriate choreography and stick to non-suggestive music.


Enrollment is now closed. Please check back April 1st for our Summer Season


Instructor Code:
KtB-Kirsten Busby
KB- Krystal Behunin
DC- Debbie Collins
SC- Stephanie Cox
AJ-Alashia Jefferson
SO-Sydney Oothoudt
TBD-To Be Determined