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June Performance

2019 recital poster

This is your dancer’s opportunity to learn and perform a routine. You must be enrolled by February 28, 2019. If you choose to participate, there are other fees associated with this opportunity, such as the non-refundable/non-returnable costume deposit. We schedule the performance to be around an hour long.

Dress rehearsals and Performances are located at the Auburn Mt. View High School Theatre 28900 124th Ave. SE — Auburn, WA 98092

It’s show time folks! This is jam packed with important info. Please make sure to read it thoroughly! The end of the year performance is very exciting and a great opportunity for your kids to show off their hard work and more advanced dance abilities. I always like to give a reminder to all the parents that this can be a great opportunity to be supportive, caring and proud for your child. No matter what happens on that stage, your children have learned a lot of dance and life skills. Like developing a good work ethic and how to work in a team environment. They have also learned how to face challenges and to work towards achieving a goal. While the staff, teachers, and dancers have worked diligently to put on a perfect routine, come the day of the show it is the process that matters the most.
Many of our first time performers will be distracted by their beautiful costumes, the lights, the stage itself and they may not dance at all! Some may not even go on the stage! We do everything we can to give dancers the opportunity to perform, however we don’t force crying children on to the stage. Sometimes the most shy and reserved student breaks out of their shell and put on an amazing performance. I just never know and I’m always surprised. Whatever happens, be proud of your kids and be sure to tell them so!
  • All accounts must be current and have a zero balance by the last in-studio rehearsal in order for your child to perform. No exceptions.
  • There is no food or drink allowed inside the theatres.
  • Only staff, teachers and parent volunteers are allowed in the green rooms and back stage area 15 minutes before the show until the end of the show.
  • Dancers should not wear nail polish, jewelry or underwear with their costumes.
  • Make sure we have a cell phone on file, so we can contact you if you are running late!

Picture Day:

picture day photo

Children’s Dance Theater coordinates with Prestige Dance Studio for one picture weekend each spring. All participants in the Petite Feet Performance are encouraged to attend the class and individual picture with appropriate hair, make up and in costume. When locating your child’s class please pay attention to the entire row, especially th CLASS LOCATION and TEACHER. We have classes with the same name at both locations, sometimes even on the same day. Please read the entire row to be sure it is your child’s class. For example there are is both a tuesday kids hip hop at CDT and PDS. If you have questions our reception team is happy to help.

Photo day will be June 7th & 8th

friday photo day 2019

saturday photo day 2019


Participants in our June Performance are encouraged to wear age appropriate make up. While this may seem like a lot of make up for your young child, the bright theatre lights and distance from the stage to audience will wash out your beautiful babies’ features. We encourage you to apply powder, brown eye shadow, mascara (if they will let you) a peach blush and red lip liner. Please only use neutral colors. No blues or matching your costume. Pink lipstick will not read well from stage.

Learn how to apply great stage make up here! For photo day some light make -up is encouraged but not required! We do not require you to use Jam cosmetic’s however their kits are terrific if you do not already have these supplies! If you choose to order one, do so early. They tend to sell out around recital season

Young dancer look:

Older dancer look:


Here are some great tutorials on typical performance hair for our recitals. If you have two hair changes, you can create quick change “cheats” for example make the princess hair, then pull it up int a pony with a second rubber band. Create a loose but secure bun using a hair net. Then after the ballet performance simply remove the bun and violia you have princess hair!

Bun Tutorial:

Princess Hair Tutorial: ( be sure to curl it and make it cute!)

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In-Studio Rehearsals (at the studio)

The last class prior to the show is an “in-studio” dress rehearsal. During the week of June 12-18th, 2019 all dancers should come during their regular class time with hair and make-up done and in their costumes. This allows the teachers and the parents to have a practice run, making sure we get hair, make-up, and costume details correct and uniform! Teachers will run the routine numerous times and parents are welcome to watch videotape and take pictures. Once the teacher is satisfied with the routine, and parents have received all the important information, dancers may be released from class early. As such, parents are encouraged to stay at the studio this week.

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Show orders

Please locate your child’s class in the chart below to find out which show you and your family members should purchase tickets for. You will also find hair, shoe and tight information.

Please pay special attention to the dress rehearsal column. Your child’s class may be performing in multiple shows, however each routine will only have ONE dress rehearsal at the theatre. We did our best to value your time and tried to get as many of your child’s routines in the same dress rehearsal/show as possible.

The day of the show dancers should arrive in appropriate hair, make-up and costume. Please have one parent escort the dancers to the “green room” and get them settled 30 minutes before your show time. Make sure to label all clothing, shoes and other items. CDT cannot be held responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items. Parents will be asked to take their seats 15 minutes before curtain so make sure to prepare your dancer for this. Please sit back and enjoy the show. The program is very short yet enjoyable. After the entire cast finale, the dancers will be escorted back into the green room for one parent to pick up and sign out their child. Photos will be handed out by the class volunteer as you check out your child!

red 2019

2019 show order Blue Show

2019 show order Purple Show

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Dress rehearsals at the Theatre:

Dress rehearsal allows the dancers to get familiar with the space and feel more comfortable at performance time. It is very common for young dancers to be very overwhelmed by the lights, new space, and audience faces, and they might just stand there and do their own thing. Please remember that this is a working rehearsal and it is the teacher’s job to give corrections to the dancers. Please do NOT talk to your child or make funny comments while there is work happening on the stage. Let the teacher handle it. If there is a problem, you will be asked to wait in the hallway. This is a privilege; dress rehearsals are often CLOSED, meaning no observers. Your job is to tell your dancer that they were wonderful; this helps their self-esteem so much! Teachers may run their dance multiple times if they wish. Once your teacher dismisses you, you may leave.

Dress rehearsal and performances are held at the Auburn Mt. View Theatre!

28900 124th Ave. SE — Auburn, WA 98092


Click here for a map

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Volunteers back stage are essential for a smooth performance. When you sign up, keep in mind we also need your help at the dress rehearsal for that show.

Volunteer jobs include:

Back stage helpers will be responsible for entertaining kids with coloring pages, soothing fears, helping to line up dancers in order for performance, potty runs, and helping with costume changes as necessary, hand out recital photos to parents at pick up time, over see pick up time after the show is over. Most importantly they are positive with all the kids. We encourage volunteers to sign up with their own child’s class so that you can watch your dancer perform from the wings (the side of the stage.) These volunteers do not need a ticket and will receive one complimentary ticket for a person in their entourage.

Lobby jobs include handing out programs, and helping oversee and take money for the Mara Cookie sales and the Next Step flower fundraiser. Volunteers will be receiving a credit in the amount of $15 (one ticket value) if they volunteer for one show, or $30 (2 ticket values) if they volunteer at multiple shows.

This year we are thrilled to have our parent booster club, Next Step, assisting us by completing background checks on all our volunteers. Safety of our dancers is a top priority and as such just like your child’s public school, we now have the ability to have screening process for our volunteers. It is a simple 3 step process and does take about a week to complete so be sure to turn in your paperwork now.

Step 1: Download and Complete the Background Check PermissionThese can be submitted to the receptionist at either location.
Step 2: We submit the applications to our 3rd party review company on each Friday. It will take about a week to learn the results.
Step 3: You will receive the pass notification and volunteer sign up link from us in an email.

Once you have signed up to volunteer for a show you will be individually emailed your discount code to enter when purchasing your tickets. Be sure to have your application to us no later than 19th to ensure you have your code in time for ticket sales.

Thanks in Advance for you help!

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Ticket sale information

Tickets go on sale May 1st at 7am online only. Limited Pre- Sale tickets are $15 and are available online only.(Auburn or Federal Way) Each account holder will be able to use the email address on file to purchase their limit of tickets. (Limit amount is 5) As of June 1st at midnight, unlimited online Pre-sale will begin and tickets will be sold $15 to the general public first come first serve. Online sales end June 18th. Any remaining tickets will be $20 at the door the day of the performance. Seating is assigned.

Please note that we do not have control over how quickly seats fill up. We take every precaution to make sure we can get everyone seated. (we combine siblings in shows, have multiple performances and etc.) Seating is assigned and you must enter the special code (email sent in April each year) to unlock the seating chart. Divorced and other non traditional families: We can only sell to the primary account holder, so please coordinate amongst yourselves if you wish to split the initial 5 tickets. Be sure you are aware of which show your child is performing in before purchasing your tickets. Children ages 3 and up must have a ticket. If your dancer is in multiple shows and you wish to watch in the auditorium you must have a ticket

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Flower Bouquets, Concessions & Gifts:

Next Step Parent Booster Club & The Studio will have flower bouquets and other gift items available to purchase and celebrate your dancers’ big achievement. All sales are final and cash only. Flower bouquets are $5 and $10 will be available the day of the show, gift items range from $5-12.

We also sell Mara’s Cookies after each show as a tribute to Mara Adams, a CDT dancer who lost her battle with DIPG, a rare pediatric form of brain cancer which only affects children. The funds from these sales are donated to a charity chosen by the Adams family. Please make a donation of $5 or more and receive a delicious cookie and complimentary juice or coffee.

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Video and Pictures

Absolutely no flash photography is allowed in the theatre. Please be courteous to our performers and audience members and turn off your flash. Parents are welcome to videotape the performance from their seat. Theatre DVDs will be on site to professionally video the show for those wishing to purchase the show DVD. Ordering information is on the website and will be available the day of the show. Please be considerate of the other audience members by keeping their view and the aisles clear. (This is also a fire hazard and the theatre will NOT allow it!)

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All dancers enrolled by the end of February have the opportunity to perform in our Performance held each June. Those wishing to participate should expect a 50% costume payment due with February and March tuition. Clients should expect costumes to range between $35-70 per costume and costumes are subject to sales tax. In April you will be charged for your performance tights. One pair of tights per dance/color. Footed tights are $8, and convertible tights are $12 + tax. The costumes are yours to keep; however, you are required to provide appropriate, clean, hole-free shoes. Some classes such as Hip hop may be asked to provide items from your closet such as jeans or a white tee shirt. We assume that all performing class participants will take part in the performance unless we are notified otherwise.