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All participants enrolled by the end of March have  the opportunity to perform in our Petite Feet Performance held each June. Those wishing to participate should expect a costume payment due with February tuition. The balance is due with March Tuition

Clients should expect costumes to range between $35-70 per costume

Costumes are subject to sales tax

In April you will be charged for your performance tights. one per dance/color. Footed tights are $8, and convertible tights are $12 + tax

Hip hop and some select other classes may be asked to provide items from your closet such as jeans or a white tee shirt or other commonly held dance attire items (i.e jazz pants, etc)

The costumes are yours to keep; however, you are required to provide appropriate, clean, hole-free shoes. We assume that all performing class participants will take part in the performance unless we are notified otherwise.

If you enroll in march and wish to perform you will be required to pay in full for the costume at the time of registration along with regular tuition, fees and uniform items. This is so we can receive the costumes in time for the picture day and performance.