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Dress rehearsal

Studio Rehearsals: The majority of our production rehearsals take place during class time; therefore, regular attendance is very important, particularly during the month (4 classes) prior to the show.

The last class prior to the show is an “in-studio” dress rehearsal.  During this week, all dancers should come during their regular class time with hair and make-up done and in their costumes. This allows the teachers and the parents to have a practice run, making sure we get hair, make-up, and costume details correct and uniform! Teachers will run the routine numerous times and parents are welcome to watch, videotape and take pictures. Once the teacher is satisfied with the routine, and parents have received all the important information, dancers may be released from class early.  As such, parents are encouraged to stay at the studio this week.

Dress Rehearsal at the Theatre:

Dress rehearsal allows the dancers to get familiar with the space and feel more comfortable at performance time.
It is very common for young dancers to be very overwhelmed by the lights, new space, and audience faces, and they might just stand there and do their own thing. Please remember that this is a working rehearsal and it is the teacher’s job to give corrections to the dancers.  Please do NOT talk to your child or make funny comments while there is work happening on the stage.  Let the teacher handle it. If there is a problem, you will be asked to wait in the hallway.  This is a privilege; dress rehearsals are often CLOSED, meaning no observers.  Your job is to tell your dancer that they were wonderful; this helps their self-esteem so much! Teachers may run their dance multiple times if they wish.  Once your teacher dismisses you, you may leave.

Dress rehearsal and performances are held at the Auburn Mt. View High School Theatre!

28900 124th Ave. SE — Auburn, WA 98092


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